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Artist from Norway, born in Kongsvinger in1983. Grew up around Oslo. Currently living and working between Malmö, Sweden and Norway.


With background in ceramics I work with drawing, performance, installation and text. The time and the action of making plays an important role, where the dialogue between material, body and space, with their abilities and restrictions, work as a framework for my process driven practice. Through different mediums I play with visual and haptic contradictions.

Member of UKS (Young Artist' Society), NBK and BKFH (Norwegian Association of Visual Art, Hordaland), NK (Norwegian Association of Applied Art) and Tegnerforbundet (Norwegian Drawing Association),

as well as Performance Art Bergen (PAB) and the international collective of young ceramic artists "Mother Tongue".


2023 Sogn og Fjordane Kunstmuseum, Høgsalen (solo), Norway.

2023 Open Out Festival, Tromsø, Norway. (postponed)

2023 Vestfold Kunstsenter (solo), Norway.


2013-15 Master in fine art, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway.

2011 Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China.

2010-13 Bachelor in specialized art, ceramic departement, Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Bergen, Norway.

2008-09 Certificate Of Completed Apprenticeship In Throwing, CNIFOP, France.

2005-08 Specialist teacher in art and craft, specialized in ceramic, Telemark University, Norway.

2007 Dansk Sløjdlærerskole and Fredriksberg Seminarium, Copenhagen, Danmark.

2002-03 Art and craft at Voss Folk High School, Norway.


2022 Drawing Bodies, Galleri Gerlesborg, Sweden.

2021 Between the Stone and I, Glasskuben, Oppland Kunstsenter, Norway.

2021 You I, Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway.

2019 One Line One Circle, Kraft-Visningsrom for Kunsthåndverk, Bergen, Norway.

2017 Somehow Somewhere Elsewhere, Galleria La Casa Amarilla, Málaga, Spain.

2017 Nothing Has Value, Nothing Has No Value, ACO, Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong.

2014 Hvor Forsvinner Tankene? Galleri Blunk, Trondheim, Norway.

2013 Do You Really Go Out? Galleri Fisk, Bergen, Norway.

2013 More Nothing, Less Something, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway.



2022 Mother Tongue, The Beehive Kiln Gallery, Medalta, Canada.

2022 Performance Protocols/PaB lokal, Skomakerdiket, Bergen, Norway.

2022 Drawing Down the Moon, with Maria Pääkkönen, Visningsrommet USF Verftet (duo), Bergen, Norway.  

2021 Voyages, An Talla Solais, Online exhibition, Scotland.

2021 Northbound/Nordgående, Fjell Festningsmuseum, Norway.

2021 BKFHSalong, Hordaland Kunstsenter, Norway.

2021 Highly TOXIC, Digitaliseum, Malmö, Sweden.

2020-21 Corona verk, digital exhibition, Konstpool Sweden.

2020 Before the After, Performance, PaB seminar at Finse, from afar, Scania, Sweden.

2020 HOUR, Bergen International Performance Festival, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway.

2019 Mother Tongue, ICS Gallery, Kecskemét, Hungary.

2019 GIFC/VR, Galleri Golsa, Oslo, Dora Sjøsiden, Trondheim, Norway.

2019 Varg e vi, Center for Contemporary Art, Kosovo.

2019 You are I am you, B-Galleria, Åbo, Finland.

2019 Hidden Artist, Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, Gujarat, India.

2018 Northbound/Nordgående, An Talla Solais Gallery, Ullapool, Scotland,

2018 Northbound/Nordgående, Thurso Art Gallery, Thurso, Scotland

2018 Northbound/Nordgående, Bonhoga Gallery, Shetland Arts, Shetland.

2018 Østlandsutstillingen, Trafo Kunsthall, Norway.

2018 From Which Direction Does the North Wind Blow?, Pireus House of Literature Gallery, Piraeus, Greece.

2018 Sonic Vision Nordland, Sortland rådhus, Norway.

2017 Mother tongue, Gallery One.Two.Six. Univercity of Southern Queensland, Australia.

2017 Mother Tongue, at The Brewery, Onishi, Japan.

2017 Alles Was Ist, Ist Zufallig, Osbili Gallery Berlin, Germany.

2017 Forest (skog), Pab impro, Fløyfjellet, Bergen, Norway.

2016 Stormens Öra, Galleri 21, Malmo, Sweden.

2016 Pensar A Través del Cuerpo, El Artsenal, Málaga, Spain.

2016 Root vs. Me, performance at Rejmyre Artlab, Rejmyre, Sweden.

2016 Skylle, Samle, Kverne, Slipe, Velsvik, Norway.

2016 Fenomenologi, Bodø Kunstforening, Norway.

2016 Å sanse med tankene, Fenomenologi, Galleri HardingarT, Utne, Norway.

2016 Pab-mini, Performance impro, Kunstgarasjen, Bergen, Norway.

2016 609, Mother Tongue, Window 107, Copenhagen, Denmark.

2016 Performanceimpro, USF Verftet, Bergen, Norway.

2016 Mother Tongue, Pop-up exhibition, Långholmsgatan 12, Stocholm, Sweden.

2016 Mother Tongue, Apple House Gallery, Skælskør, Denmark.

2015 FENOMENOLOGI, Galleri Verk, Hammerfest, Norway.

2015 Clay-Sculpture-and-Bread-Community, Gallery 3,14. Bergen, Norway.

2015 Not Yet, Pab-Open, The Old Prison, Bergen, Norway.

2015 Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community, Agalaus National Art Festival, Voss, Norway.

2015 Discount Parachutes, MA degree show, Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway.

2014 Dissensus, Hardbakka Ruins, Isdalen, Norway.

2014 Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway

2014 Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community and Kammerkoret Gneis, Khib, Bergen, Norway.

2014 MA1-exhibition/Open Studios, KHiB, Bergen, Norway.

2014 PrøveRommet Bit Teatergarasjen, Landmark, Bergen, Norway.

2013 Dupla-Boca, Galeria Cândido Portinari, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

2013 TidsRom, Visningsrommet USF, Verftet, BA-exam, Bergen, Norway.

2013 The Double Mouth, Visningsrommet USF, Verftet, Bergen, Norway.

2012 LBiFD, performance, Torgallmenningen, Bergen, Norway.

2012 Uten Tittel, Christmas Calendar in Vågsbunnen, Bergen, Norway.

2011 Wai-Gwo-Ren, Jingdezhen Ceramic Institute, China.

2011 I See, Kafé Knøderen, Bergen, Norway.


PERFORMANCE (solo/in public space)

2022 Wait, PaB & PaO performance seminar, Finse, Norway.

2017 The Line, Performative walk and drawing, Laerdal-Oeye, Norway.

2016 Levende lokale, performance, Gamlegata, Lærdal, Norway.

2014 My Precious, Svartediket, Bergen, Norway.

2014 T’inquiètes, Lofoten, Norway.

2014 Henge på Hell, Lofoten, Norway.

2013 To Be a Tree, Fløyen, Norway.

2013 As Slow As Possible, Fløyen, Norway.

2012 White River, Tromøya, Norway.

2012 Painting a stone, Tromøya, Norway.



2017 The Straight Line is Godless and Immoral, University of Bergen, Faculty of Psychology, Norway.



2022 Medalta, Art in Residence, Canada.

2019 International Ceramic Studio, Kecskemét, Hungary.

2017 ACO (Art and Culture Outreach), Foo Tak Building, Hong Kong.

2017 Shiro Oni Studio, Onishi, Japan.

2017 Hardanger-Berlin, Hardingart, Berlin, Germany.

2016 Clearcut, Nordic/Baltic post-MFA workshop, Rejmyre Art Lab, Sweden.

2016 Project Network, Guldagergaard International Ceramic Research Center, Denmark.



2022 Art Council Sweden, Corona grant.

2022 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), grant, Norway.

2022 Malmö Stad, Sweden, Ministry of Arts and Culture, Studio grants.

2021 Art Council Sweden, working grant.

2021 Aase & Richard Björklunds fund, stipend, Malmö Art Museum, Sweden.

2021 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), project support, Norway.

2021 Art Council Sweden, Corona grant.

2021 Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond (BKV), grant, Norway.

2020 Art Council Sweden, Corona grant.

2020 Art Council Norway, project support.

2019 Malmö Stad, Sweden, Ministry of Arts and Culture, Studio grants.

2018 Regionale prosjektmidler for visuell kunst, Norway.

2017 Bergen Kommune, Norway, grant for International Exchange of Art and Culture.

2017 Art Council Norway, 3 years working grant.

2017 Art Council Sweden, grant.

2016 Art Council Norway, Exhibition support for newly graduated artists, with Henrik Koppen and Mari S. Norddahl.

2016 Bildende kunstneres vederlagsfond, project support, with Henrik Koppen and Mari S. Norddahl.

2016 Art Council Norway, grant (diversestipend).

2016 Malmö Stad, Sweden, Ministry of Arts and Culture, Studio grants.

2015 Art Council Norway, Exhibition Support, with Gro Navle, Ingeborg Annie Lindahl and Kjell-Erik Ruud.

2015 Bergen Kommune, Norway, grant for International Exchange of Art and Culture.

2015 Bergen Kommune, establishing grant.

2015 Bergen Kommune, project founding for Clay-Sculpture-And-Bread-Community.

2013 Art Council Norway, grant based on completed art education.



2021 Between the Stone and I, Artist book as part of my solo show at Oppland Kunstsenter, Norway.

2021 YOU I, artist book made for the solo exhibition at Tegnerforbundet, Oslo, Norway.

2019 One Line One Circle, artist book, made for the solo exhibition at Kraft, Bergen, Norway.

2019 Somehow Somewhere Elsewhere, article in REPLIKK, Journal of Human and Social Sciences, Norway.

2019 B-Galleria, Performance festival catalogue, Turku, Finland.

2018 Østlandsutstillingen, exhibition catalogue, Norway.

2017 Between The Stone And I, Artist booklet for the solo show Nothing Has Value Nothing Has No Value, at ACO, Hong Kong.

2016 Project Network, Exhibition catalogue, Denmark.

2015 Performance Art Bergen, catalogue, Norway.

2015 The Straight Line is Godless and Immoral, Artist Book, Master Thesis, Bergen, Norway.

2015 Discount Parachutes, Master exhibition Index/Atlas, Norway.

2013 The Double Mouth/Dupla-Boca, Exhibition catalogue, Norway and Brazil.


2021-22 Substitute, Rogaland Fylkes Utsmykningsutvalg, NKVN Rogaland, Norway.

2020-     Member of the board, Sulfur Studio Collective, Malmö, Sweden.

2018-20 Member of the board, Malmö Open Studios, Sweden.

2017-18 Member of the board of the artist collective CirculationsCentralen, Malmö, Sweden.

2011-12 Member of the board, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen, Norway.


2021 Perspektiv, Baksida, Klassekampen 08.12.21, Norway.

2021 Northbound/Nordgående, by Ian McKay, ArtNorth magazine, Scotland.

2021 7 spennende utstillinger du kan reise til i sommer, Kultur, Aftenposten 18.05.21, Norway.

2021 Junges design, Brandheiss, ceramic magasin, January edition, page 7, Germany.

2020 Ecouter-Voir, text by Sylvie Ferré about Bergen International Performance Festival.

2019 Hidden Artist Possibility, Sandash Newspaper 14.03. India.

2019 Hidden Artist Possibility, Divya bhaskar Newspaper, 13.03. India.

2019 Superb! – Contemporary Art Festival, program, B-galleria, Turku, Finland.

2019 Ukens kunsthåndverker, Norske kunsthåndverkere, Norway.

2019 Månedens kunstner, intervju med Visp, Norway.

2019 Best i Bergen akkurat nå, Vernissage guiden, (31.01.2019)

2018 Kunstnerintervju #12, Østlandsutstillingen,, by Matina Kaufmann, Norway.

2018 Northbound/Nordgående, by Ian McKay, exhibition review.

2018 Northbound/Nordgående, by Giles Sutherland, exhibition review.

2017 Kunst viser veg i Lærdal, Sogn Avis, September 12, Norway.

2017 Gunma TV and local newspaper, Fujioka, Japan.

2017 Stille kunst, På Høyden, independent newspaper for the University of Bergen, Norway,

2016 Stille performance på lesesalen, University of Bergen, psychology dep. online, Norway, 6th of December.

2016 Skylle, Samle, Kverne, Slipe, Synste Møre Newspaper, 30th of June, Norway.

2016 Steinar, Salmar, Stolar, Synste Møre Newspaper, 30th of June, Norway.

2016 Utstilling I Velsvik, Mørenytt Newspaper, 25th of June, Norway.

2016 Kunsten heim til Velsvika, Møre Newspaper, July, Norway.

2016 No livnar det i Lærdal,, 1st of July, Norway.

2016 Hvis det ikke er litt ubehagelig, blir det fort kjedelig,, Bodø online newspaper, 25th of May, Norway.

2016 Med blod, tusj og krit, Hordaland Newspaper, 10th of May, Norway.

2016 Tusja på veggen, Hardanger Folkeblad, 9th of May, Norway.

2016 Kunst I øyeblikket, sekunstmagasin 01,, Norway.

2016 Kreative og keramiske kunstnere og lækker lørdagsbrunch, Skælskør online newspaper, 15. February, Denmark.

2015 Profesjonelle kunstnere skapte kunstverk for så å male over, iFinnmark, 24th of November, Norway.

2015 Hammerfestingen, (edition week 47), Hammerfest, Norway.

2015 Å lete etter kunstnerbøker, av Cecilie Størkson, NUMER – tidsskrift for tegning, illustrasjon og bokkunst, October edition, Norway.

2015 Tilfeller av diffus materialitet, Kunstkritikk, Norway.

2015 Mellom performativitet og materialitet, Billedkunst, Norway.

2015 Tett kunståpning, Studvest, Norway.

2015 Performance Art Bergen, Catalogue, Norway.

2014 Clay-Sculpture-and-Bread-Community, Bergen Newspaper BA, Norway.


2021 Wanås Sculpture Park, Presentation and participation at an art workshop for kids based on my artistic practice, Sweden.

2020-21 Introduction course, ceramic kilns, KKV (Konstnärnas Kollektiv Värkstad - Monumental) Malmö, Sweden.

2018 Workshop, Kreativt Skapande, Boost Rosengård, Malmø, Sweden.

2016-17 Various workshops in ceramic, ABF, Arbetarnas Bildningsforbund, Sweden.

2014-15 Art workshops at Norwegian Association for the blind and partially sighted (Norges Blindeforbund).

2010-12 Starting up and operation of Galleri Bokboden, Norway.

2012 Artistic assistant to Martin Voll Godal for the exhibition «Sammenkoblinger» at Galleri S12, Norway.

2011 Artistic assistant to Ebba Bohlin for the exhibition «Pica Pica» at Galleri Entrée, Norway.

2011 Artistic assistant to Miho Shimizu and Øyvind Renberg for their exhibition «Damsgård» at Galleri Kabuso, Norway.

2011 Artistic installations and design at the BaJazz-fesitval at Verftet, Bergen, Norway.

2010 Ceramic teacher, Folk University, Bergen, Norway.

2010 Temporary ceramic teacher at Bergen Kulturskole, Norway.

2009-10 Workshops and projects in ceramic, Chimaltenango, Guatemala.

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